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BEARS!!! At The Rangers Game, Yo

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Your morning roundup for Aug. 31, the day we spent way too much time reading about the Yarn Harlot's visit to this year's Sock Summit. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. [Photo: MOCKSESSION, obvs.]


Seriously, there's a Sock Summit. Imagine The Gathering for knitters, but instead of titties and clown makeup you see weird shit like this. And the only reason I even stumbled upon the Sock Summit was because I was trying to think of some way to encourage you precious monsters to go vote for Deadspin's very own Yarn Harlot, Tommy Craggs, in this sports blogging poll thingee. (You must "Like" it to activate, though. Sorry about that nonsense.) He needs your vote. He's getting stomped. Yeah, click for Drew, too, if you want, but please don't let poor Craggs finish with, like, 2% of the vote. That's just pathetic. And look at that cruel photo the anonymous selection committee used. There's Craggs just straight-up crooning at a karaoke party like he's Al Green. Were there no Flickr photos of him shattering cinderblocks over his head at taekwondo class, you insensitive jerks? So make it better. A vote for Craggs is a vote for tolerance.


Things You'll Probably Read Today On Deadspin

• The Yarn Harlot's supposed to do another post about his Bristol infiltration.

• Scocca will rank some college football programs, maybe?

Eh...what else? Oh...


So even if we suck today, please don't let it ruin your Wednesday. It will still be exceptional. You can still fly like Peter Pan, kids. I just know it.

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