Bears Fans Boo Team Off The Field After Offense Freezes At The Goal Line

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Is this football? I think it’s supposed to be football, but what I’m seeing is an especially glitchy game of Madden I need to turn off and turn back on again. And the fans in Chicago seem to agree with me. Heading into halftime against the Chargers, down 7-6 with 45 seconds remaining in the quarter, the Chicago Bears had six opportunities to score from inside the five-yard line, including three opportunities from the one, and somehow only came away with three points. Here’s the rundown, starting with their first first-and-goal.

  • Run for no gain from the four
  • Pass for one yard from the four
  • Incomplete pass and a defensive pass interference penalty
  • Incomplete pass
  • Run for no gain
  • Spiked ball to stop the clock with one second left
  • Field goal

How the spiked ball came about—after a play that ended with 21 seconds on the clock—is truly one of the low points of this NFL season. There’s really nothing you can say about its frustrating incompetence, and the Chicago crowd had the correct idea that they should just boo the team instead. Check it out:

Bears Fans Boo After Goal-to-Go Screwup

This clock management only starts to make sense when you remember that Matt Nagy used to work for Andy Reid.