Surprising absolutely nobody, the Bears have let go head coach Marc Trestman and GM Phil Emery.

Trestman is out after just two seasons in Chicago; Emery got three, but one of his first major moves was to fire Lovie Smith and hire Trestman. He also gave Jay Cutler a massive, onerous contract extension last January, so it's fair to say that Emery hitched his wagon to two wrong horses, and they pulled him apart.

As for Trestman, he inherited a 10-6 team that he promptly took to 8-8 and then 5-11. And it wasn't just any 5-11 season—it was an ugly, embarrassing 5-11, filled with blowouts and mailings-in. No one could have predicted the injuries Chicago would face, nor the swift regression/decline of Cutler, but when the wheels came off, they came off violently and irrevocably.