Bears Grounded in Chicago

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The Chicago Bears are unable to make it to Baltimore, because of the massive terrible snowstorm that literally everyone in the mid-Atlantic area is being a tremendous baby about.


The Bears apparently sat on the runway at O'Hare for two hours before they gave up. So, who knows, maybe they'll leave this afternoon, or Sunday morning, or whatever. Maybe they will continue sitting in planes for a while? The snow is actually just getting worse, so let's just declare both of these teams busts for the season and let them begin working out their issues without having to play tomorrow.

Injured Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, reached at a house party in Evanston, reportedly said that the team needs to get back to a harder, more traditional Bears style of transportation to games, like hitchhiking or makeshift rafts. "Say what you want about Kyle [Orton]," Urlacher said, "but the guy knew how to depart Chicago and arrive in another municipality with an NFL franchise in a timely fashion, and that formula worked for us."