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A tipster writes in to tell us about New Orleans Saints defensive end Jimmy Verdon's weekend. Evidently, he got hammered and ended up passed out on a bench in front of a Winn-Dixie and then brawled with the cops who tried to wake him up. Police spokesman Capt. James Gallagher explains.

"The officers went there to investigate and saw the guy sleeping in a chair in front of the store," Gallagher said. "When they shook him to wake him up, he jumped up and started fighting. They wrestled with him, ended up arresting him and charged him with battery on police, resisting an officer and disturbing the peace. He appeared to have been drinking."

That sounds exactly like my weekend, except I didn't fight any cops and I've never even seen a Winn-Dixie.

I'm giving Verdon the benefit of the doubt on the cop fight—who knows how an officer in Louisiana might treat a gigantic black man passed out in front of a grocery store. But how the man ended up asleep in from of a Winn-Dixie to begin with, I just can't imagine. His weekend must have been better than mine.


Oh, and Saints WR Donte Stallworth had just been arrested the day before and charged with having expired tags on his Bentley and resisting arrest. Building a lot of good will in the community, those Saints.

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