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Bees Bug Cricketers

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Screenshot: ICC Cricket World Cup

It was absolute scenes in the North of England today during a World Cup match between Sri Lanka and South Africa, as players were forced to duck for cover when a swam of bees invaded the grounds.


Play in the group stage match was briefly delayed while the bees buzzed around the batsman’s crease, and in the meantime, spectators were treated to some delightful sights. The best is South Africa’s Chris Morris making use of the break to get in a workout, but this clip is made perfect by the amused British announcers, presumably taking in the whimsy from the protection of an enclosed booth.

Here’s a slow-mo shot of the invasion, which hopefully won’t give you nightmares:


This actually isn’t even the first time a game between these two sides has been delayed for bees—it happened at a game in Johannesburg just two years ago.

Apparently, no continent is safe from cricket-loving bees. Maybe they should try less colorful uniforms.

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