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Begun, The Manny Bidding Wars Have

It was highly entertaining when the New York Post reported late last night that the Dodgers had offered Manny Ramirez $60 million over two years; which would have made him the highest-paid baseball player in history. The claim is highly dubious, coming as it did minutes before Ramirez declared free agency. At any rate, it's your move, New York Yankees. The Post claims that the Steinbrenner clan will be driving hard to the hoop to sign Ramirez; a claim that is more easily believable. The numbers that the Post is reporting, four years in the $80 million range, are kind of mind-boggling; but it's easy to throw around money when it's not yours. Then, as Sports By Brooks points out, the report of a Dodgers offer just could have been a ploy by Frank McCourt to make it seem like he was indeed trying to sign Manny. Oh, this will get a lot more interesting before it's over. Over at Fox Sports, they're saying that the Bewers will likely offer CC Sabathia $100 million over four years, making the fake Dodgers offer for Manny look less spectacular. Fox says that the Yankees are also interest in CC. Of course they are. Meanwhile, will no one make a fake offer on Ben Sheets and Mark Texeira?. Come on! Manny, Texeira, Sheets Join Free Agent Pool [NBCSports] Manny Offered Highest Single Season Salary Ever? [SportsbyBrooks] Yankees May Gun For Manny [New York Post] Brewers Set To Throw $100 Million At CC [Fox Sports]


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