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A football move, what is it? I have no idea, but it is a term that figures into a lot of very confusing calls during NFL games.

During last night’s game against Washington, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown caught a pass and then had the ball stripped from his hands as he turned upfield. Did Brown fumble the ball, or was it just an incomplete pass?


After reviewing the play, officials decided that the pass was incomplete because Brown had not made a football move after getting his hands around the ball. That’s when ESPN referee analyst Gerry Austin broke in with this incredibly elucidating explanation of the play:

Here, I’ll transcribe that for you:

I think you’ve got to definitively say, “He made a move.” And if you can say, “He made a move,” then you have a completion. He starts to make a move, but then it’s out, and that makes it incomplete.

Football is good and it makes total sense.



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