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It took 12 weeks, but we've reached that point in the season. It's now possible to visualize the NFL's circle of life, where every team has lost to the team preceding it. Any Given Sunday, indeed.

Reddit user "Lvl9LightSpell" put together this graphic, as he did last year on this holiday of parity. It only became possible after the Broncos' loss to New England last night. It was Denver's second loss, but their first was to Indianapolis, who remains the only team to beat Seattle and couldn't slot in both places.


When the parity graphic becomes possible varies wildly. In 2012, it was completed after Week 10, but in 2011 it couldn't be finished until Week 15, when the Packers lost their first game.

There was no parity in 2007, when the Patriots went 16-0, or in 2008, when the Lions went 0-16, so this graphic isn't always doable. But sabotage doesn't require a winless or undefeated season. Had the Broncos and Seahawks both finished 15-1, the ouroboros couldn't have been completed—though two one-loss teams both losing to the same team is rarer than even a perfect season.


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