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Behold, The Power Of Beer

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You scoffed when Brewers' fans predicted big things for their team this season. But then they rolled out the Mighty 12-Person Beer Bong, and, well, who's laughing now, bitches?


That's right, as we did not realize until Sports By Brooks pointed it out this morning, Milwaukee owns the best record in baseball. Wha ... ? you may ask. How have they done this? For one thing, J.J. Hardy is uncontrollable, hitting .306 with six homers and 19 RBI with an OPS above 900. A double against the Cardinals on Tuesday extended his hitting streak to 12 games (Milwaukee won 12-2). And, as Brewers Bar points out, it could get a lot worse for the teams in the NL Central:

The Brewers aren't even running optimally yet. Sheets has yet to hit his stride, and we're still playing Counsenino at 3B while Ryan "The Rabbi" Braun tears up the minors. Not to mention, ¡Gallardo! awaits. And if Ned can figure out that Mench should play against LHP and only LHP, it should only get better from here on out.

So pass us another cold one, and let's watch the fun.

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