Behold The Power Of The Joe Beimel Bobblehead

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Dodger fans were mocked relentlessly earlier this season when they voted to have a Joe Beimel Bobblehead Night; passing over players such as Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, James Loney and even Andruw Jones, who do not yet have a bobble likeness. But clearly they knew what they were doing: the force is strong with this one. The middle reliever was honored on Joe Beimel Bobblehead Night on Tuesday, with the Dodgers charging out and beating the Phillies 4-3. Then on Wednesday, with the Bemeil Bobble-legend growing, Nomar Garciaparra's walk-off homer gave LA a 7-6 win. Nod comically if you think the Dodgers can sweep the four-game series, which ends tonight. Here's Nomar's blast, which lands in the Dodger bullpen and seems to piss off Charlie Manuel more than you would think. Ethier had a walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth for a comeback win on Tuesday night. All of this has vaulted the Dodgers into a share of first place in the NL West, tied with Arizona. According to this fan, who may or may not be related to Kige Ramsey, it's all due to the powers of Bemeil. Just look at his not-at-all-insane preparations for a Joe Beimel Office Party.

But back to the game. A two-run home run by Ramirez in the third, a solo homer by Ethier in the fourth and a two-run double by Jeff Kent in the eighth brought the Dodgers back from a 6-1 deficit. Starter Brad Penny lasted only three innings amidst speculation that his shoulder may be injured again. Jayson Werth, Ryan Howard and Greg Dobbs had homers for the Phillies. And Beimel? He appeared with two out in the sixth, walking one and failing to get an out. Dodgers Show Mettle []