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So here's a novel concept, sent to us from the fine folks at WBRS Sports Blog: A new site has launched offering fans $5 to cheer for a certain NFL or NHL team. The site is called and inspired by a guy who sold his loyalty to Sebria & Montenegro on eBay during the World Cup.

The concept behind this site is simple. is exactly as is seems, you pay for a fan to cheer for your team for a specific game. In return for your fan purchase, you will receive advertising on this site, as well as a photograph of your fan in front of a television set during the game. If you're lucky and the fan is local, it may even be a picture of the fan at a live game. It's that simple.


We are somewhat skeptical of advertisers paying five bucks to a fan for an advertisement on a site that mostly has pictures of people sticking their tongues out while wearing Jaguars hats, but hey, what do we know from business? Though we wonder if any fellow Buzzsaw fans will pay five bucks not to root for the team. We've been tempted. (via WBRS Sports Blog)

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