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Being Captain Of The Saint John Sea Dogs Does Not Entitle You To Spit In Memorial Cup, But Watch This Guy Do It Anyway (UPDATE: ?)

Your morning roundup for May 30, Memorial Day, the day we learned the Groupon Voice. Video via tipster Brent, who writes (with a French BlackBerry signature appended!), "Watch beardo spit into the Memorial Cup. His teammates will be drinking out of it. Fucking gross."


Or did he spit in it? The team's communications director writes in:

Hi AJ, I'm not sure if you were directly involved in this post but I wanted to let you know, as editor-in-chief, that our organization, and the young man involved, don't appreciate being accused of spitting in the Memorial Cup.

Just to give you a little background, this is a junior hockey trophy that teenagers and young adults compete for. Mike Thomas is 20 years old. He was here for five years and is one of the greatest character kids I have met. He was nominated for our league's humanitarian award and has logged countless hours in the community with sick and underprivileged children, in local schools with breakfast and math programs, etc. Most people I've talked to who have watched the video think it's pretty clear he spits beside the cup.

I understand what your website is about and occasionally find it entertaining. When you are dealing with pro athletes they are fair game in this day and age. In this case, you are dealing with an amateur who just won what some say is the toughest trophy to win in North American sports. And you aren't even saying "did this guy spit in the cup?" which, while still in bad taste, would at least be defensible. By writing "Watch This Guy Do It Anyway" you are making a clear accusation.

We would appreciate it, as a gesture of class on your part, if you remove this post, or at least the part that refers to this so-called incident.

Nathan White

What we watched: While baking under Flushing's newfound sun yesterday, I (and 30,790 others—or, not enough) stumbled upon a New York Mess that resembled an actual baseball team. 17 hits, five of them for extra bases, nine runs, against the Phillies. Sure, the Mets had lost the first two games. It helped that the Phillies were starting Gump Worsley, or some such figure. And sure, toward game's end it appeared that the Mets might just blow this lead like those of the prior nights, but, oddly enough, they didn't. Instead, we left Citi Field, sweating, sunburned, savoring the multi-hit days of the unlikeliest characters (Jason Bay, Daniel Murphy, Josh Thole) and those two triples from our maybe-departing hero, Jose Reyes. The Mets settled at 24-28, the Phillies at 33-20, and, lo, those mounting numbers—it was summer again.


What we're watching: On our third straight night sans playoffs—basketball's back tomorrow, and hockey on Wednesday—consider tuning into the Sox-Sox duel (White at Red) at 7:10 p.m. It's Jake Peavy (just off his first start of the season) and Jon Lester (who already has seven wins). It's a fourth-place team in one of baseball's worst divisions (the White Sox are 24-31) and a first-place team (the Red Sox are 30-23) in baseball's best. Think of it as an ostensibly contradictory clash that could really go either way. And those are the best kind to have on in the background, tied at 2 in the eighth inning, as you wonder how it could possibly be 10:30 p.m. on Monday, as your three-day weekend limps to a premature close. (Jack Dickey)


Buster Posey has surgery, is out for season: "Buster Posey is certainly out for the remainder of the season but is expected to be ready for spring training in 2012 after surgery to stabilize his mangled left ankle Sunday, the Giants' trainer said. Posey had two screws inserted in his leg in a 90-minute procedure that "went technically well, and everyone was pleased with the way the ankle came back together," Dave Groeschner said." [San Jose Mercury News]

John Kuester will not be the coach of your Pistons: "Detroit Pistons head coach John Kuester will not be returning for the 2011-12 season, according to sources. Although there has been no official word from the Pistons, sources say it is expected that president Joe Dumars and his staff will be returning." [ESPN]

John Kuester may be the coach of your Pistons: "Kuester, reached by phone this afternoon, told the Free Press that he has not met with Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars to discuss his future with the organization or whether he will return for the final season of the three-year deal he agreed to when he was hired in the summer of 2009." [Detroit Free Press]


About that Memorial Cup/Spittoon: "Every dog has its day, and for the Saint John Sea Dogs it arrived on Sunday evening. The Sea Dogs became the first team from one of Canada's four Atlantic provinces to win the MasterCard Memorial Cup in the 93-year history of the major junior championship. The Quebec league winners survived a 3-1 nail-biter victory against the hometown Mississauga St. Michaels Majors at the Hershey Centre in the tournament final." [CBC]

The sad life and death of a great goon: "And make no mistake, [Minneapolis] was home. The New York Rangers signed his checks, but the Canadian's heart was always in the Twin Cities. In Manhattan, he could walk around for six hours and nobody recognized him. He hated that, the isolation he felt after he had signed with the Rangers this past summer. People close to Boogaard say he was bored and lonely in New York. When he suffered a season-ending concussion in December, things got even worse. He didn't leave his apartment for three weeks, shunning the light, and had containers of takeout food piling up on the counters." [ESPN]


Joe Poz, on Tom Watson: "And yet … I think Watson's career is singular because unlike any of the other great golfers, Watson's life is really divided in two. There was the young and wild Watson who hit the ball all over the place and won with one of the great short games in golf history. And there is the older Watson, whose ball-striking is so magnificent that men half his age salivate but who has been held back by 5-foot putts that stubbornly go their own way. If the game of the old and young Watson had ever met, they would not recognize each other. If the old Watson and the young Watson had ever shared a season, they might have won the Grand Slam." []

We Are All Dave McKenna CXV: Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting until a real rain will come and wash Snyder's dumbass libel suit off the streets.


But we are most excited for Sherrod Small: "As part of its "Classic Mondays," MSGN will unveil Who Wore It Best?, an examination of New York's most iconic uniform numbers from every sport to determine which athlete represented the digit(s) best. Hosted by Sirius XM radio personality Dino Costa, the show's panelists include: ... actors Nick Turturro and Vincent Pastore; comedians Jim Florentine, Jim Norton, Sherrod Small and Gary Gulman; writers Bert Sugar, Bill Scheft and Will Leitch; former MTV host Ed Lover; and radio personalities Evan Roberts and Scott Ferrall. The series bows on May 30." [MSG PR]

Logrolling in our time: Dicktern on Julie and Julia and Russell Westbrook: "No, Westbrook's shorter than Durant and his jumper is too. And when you watch him play, you cannot understand why he ever pulls up for a jumper. It's not as though he's running around, and coming off screens like KD. He always has the ball—when he pulls up and shoots it, it represents a conscious decision on Westbrook's behalf. The best play, he figures, is if I take a shot. Not a particularly good one, not a necessarily uncontested one, not a close one, but any shot. It's the path of least resistance, and it vexes the fan so, when he can see just how well Westbrook does everything else." [The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project]

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