Ben Roethlisberger Was Just Awarded A Touchdown, So You Might Want To Check Your Fantasy League

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This play, in the second quarter of Pittsburgh's win over the Eagles on Sunday, was ruled on the field as a lateral from Ben Roethlisberger to Rashard Mendenhall, who scampered 13 yards for the score. So it went down in the books a rushing touchdown for Mendenhall, and that was that. Until yesterday, when the Elias Sports Bureau reviewed the play and determined that Roethlisberger had thrown the ball ever-so-forward, and officially changed it to a passing touchdown.

This change obviously doesn't matter to the players involved, except perhaps as stats to point to come contract time. But stats are all in fantasy football, and the adjusted numbers are enough to swing quite a few leagues. With the updated ruling, Mendenhall now as an extra reception (for PPR leagues) and 13 fewer rushing yards but 13 more receiving yards (for leagues where such things are counted differently), and Roethlisberger has 13 more passing yards and an extra touchdown.

There are stat changes every week, and most are usually insignificant. A yard here or there, credit for a sack changing hands. But rarely anything like this, so we definitely urge you to check out your league to see if anyone won or lost thanks to the Roethlisberger ruling. That is, if your league even updates the previous week's matches with stat corrections. (Yahoo and ESPN do. Is there even anyone that uses anything other than Yahoo or ESPN?)