Bench-Clearing Brawl Erupts Between Dodgers And Padres, Then Erupts Again

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Benches cleared in San Diego tonight after a Zack Greinke pitch hit Carlos Quentin on the arm, leading the Padres outfielder to charge the mound and spark a lengthy delay that resulted in several ejections and an irate Matt Kemp.

Baseball fights are rarely interesting, and we can't say there's much "action" in this one, other than the fact Zack Greinke appeared to injure himself in an attempt to take on a charging Quentin. Vin Scully, of course, was magisterial in his bowdlerizing of Kemp's "that's bullshit" ejaculations, but he's always on top of his game in that area.


Zack Greinke, Jerry Hairston, Matt Kemp, and Carlos Quentin were all ejected by umpire Sam Holbrook.