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Benches Clear; Buck Showalter And Joe Girardi Need To Be Restrained

Baseball, it's still here! Between innings in Baltimore, a red-faced Buck Showalter came out of the dugout yelling at Joe Girardi and had to be restrained by the home plate umpire.

You can clearly see Showalter spit out "That's not right, Joe" and "fuck that shit" among other things. Girardi also got hot and required restraining of his own from bench coach Tony Pena. The MASN crew speculated that Girardi may have spoken to an Orioles player and Showalter did not take kindly to it, but who the hell knows.


Update: The altercation may have begun because Girardi was getting into it with third-base coach Bobby Dickerson about stolen signs.

("Ma" is Yankees radio broadcaster Suzyn Waldman.)

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