My favorite part of this is Sabathia saying, “If I was talking to you I’d be talking to you,” which is both self-evident and also, incredibly, self-evidently false—Sabathia was talking to Garcia at that exact moment while simultaneously implying that he was not talking to Garcia. I think Sabathia is trying to communicate that whatever words caught Garcia’s attention were intended for home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi, who’d just gifted Sabathia a generous third strike. Probably that’s a point that would be more successfully made by saying “I was talking to the umpire.”

Sabathia has some history with the Rays. A full third of his starts this season have come against them, and his final start of the 2018 regular season ended in the fifth inning when he was ejected for a retaliatory plunking in a big Yankees win, which Sabathia punctuated by shouting “That’s for you, bitch,” at the Rays dugout. The ejection left Sabathia six outs shy of a $500,000 performance bonus, which the Yankees later paid out as a token of gratitude. Tuesday night’s fracas may not have been a continuation of that, exactly, but it’s safe to say Sabathia will not be getting any Christmas cards from the Rays organization.