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Bert Blyleven Loves To Fart

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OK, now I get it. I've always wondered why Bert Blyleven wasn't in the Hall of Fame, and now it's clear: Post-game flatulence. He's just simply farted on too many writers over his long career. It's all here in this rather surreal interview with Big League Stew.

My favorite exchange:

Q: Speaking of pride, what about this T-shirt you've been photographed wearing that says, "I [heart] to fart"?


BB: I LOVE to fart.

Q: What's wrong with you?

BB: I'm honest. Have you ever farted?

Q: One or two times.

BB: And did it feel good?

Q: Always.

BB: Probably so. That's why I wore it. I love to fart. I do. When the time is right, I do it. I'm not going to hide it.

Q: You're so blunt about your love for flatulence.

BB: Yeah. Well, someone gave me the shirt because of my history of farting, so I wear it. I LOVE to fart. I think I still have it.


Q: What gets you really gassy?

BB: Anything. The air we're breathing right now.

Q: Should I be ready for something?

BB: I have no trouble. It's not one thing that I eat, it's just passed down from my father. My father was a very good farter. I have a sister who's very good at it, too. Probably better than I am.


Q: Women aren't "supposed" to do that.

BB: Oh, I think times have changed — at least in the Blyleven family.

Also some great stuff in the interview about the infamous Twins-Yankees TV broadcast where he dropped two live F-bombs. Nice to hear from you again, Bert.


Bert Blyleven Talks The Hall, Swearing On Air [Big League Stew]

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