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Best Damn Sports Show Fight

So if you missed Friday night's episode of The Best Damn Sports Show (and how could you?), check about the above video. Tom Arnold and Michael Strahan get into kind of a little sissy chair fight. And Michael Strahan did not win. He's on the ground making noises like he's hurt, cursing at Arnold, who's just sitting there, being sorta restrained by Rodney Peete. Strahan sounds like he's in pain. I think Rob Dibble may have actually hurt him.

Now, I have somehow let myself get out of the loop when it comes to the politics and in-fighting on the set of the Best Damn Sports Show. But as a reader tells us, Tom Arnold left the show, he wrote a book published by Harper-Collins, and apparently some guys on the show didn't like what he had to say in the book, and there was some beef.

And yes, I'm aware of the date on today's calendar. There's a very good chance that this was staged. I'll make the case for both. First, the argument that it was real:

• Tom Arnold is shaking and looks visibly upset before the scuffle.
• I tend to doubt that Chris Rose, Rodney Peete, and Michael Strahan are that have that kind of acting capability. I've seen Strahan's Right Guard commercial.
• The show didn't come back on the air afterwards.
• Well, it just looks kinda real.


And now, the case that it was staged:

• It was the day before April Fools, and we all know how zany and madcap these guys can be.
• How does Michael Strahan left himself try to fight Tom Arnold? You set the NFL's single season sack record, and you want a piece of Tom Arnold? Who's next on your list, Paul from the Wonder Years?

I gotta tell ya, at this point, I'm leaning towards real. And I hope I'm right, because think of all the wonderful trash talk that could emerge from this that could be used against Michael Strahan. If you know any offensive linemen that play in the NFC East, please forward them this clip.

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