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I know that nobody likes hearing about other people's fantasy football lives— but this could be an exception. The intrepid Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Fantasy! gathered up a group of 12 sports bloggers to form the Tank Johnson Desert Classic. The league is a highly volatile experiment that Behrens will chronicle throughout the season in lieu of some pussy "expert" league with their "knowledgeable" and "experienced" fantasy scribes (or some D-list celeb league). The draft was held back on Thursday (pre-season ACL tears are part of the fun) and today the public gets their first look at what will go down as the greatest fantasy draft ever held in the blogosphere.

Literally, the funniness cannot be described. Right now there's an email exchange taking place between league members that's both amusing and almost entirely un-publishable. Here's a sampling ...

Unsilent Majority wrote: Fantasy football without (unspeakable subject) would be like (repulsive criminal act) without a (graphic verb).

Big Daddy Drew wrote: (Repulsive criminal act)? That's how Westbrook convinced Daulerio to take him third, no?

AJ Daulerio wrote: Ouchy. I'm surprised you could even notice my unconventional drafting methods since your Big Board is most likely (disgusting subject). Do you and (respected fantasy writer at rival website) ever (disgusting subject)?

Will Leitch wrote: Behrens, if you cut this, you're a (expletive). Yahoo! Sports has no spine!


Oh shit, we're gonna have to start watching our motherfuckin' mouths.

Since telling you how great my draft was would be overbearing and presumptuous I'm going to let Andy do it for me. Check out his article for a breakdown of each team along with some first-rate analysis from my new BFF.

Y! Tank Johnson Desert Classic Draft Recap