I don't know about you, but whenever I hear a sports broadcaster say "Those spears were getting awfully close," I know that I've gotten my money's worth, pregame warmup-wise. This Rugby League matchup pitted the New Zealand Maori team and their pregame Haka vs. the Australian Dreamtime team and their Aboriginal War Dance, which halfway through made me worry about where Indiana Jones was with that getaway plane. What's that you say? Your favorite football team runs through a paper banner? How ... cute. The awesomeness of the whole thing unfolds in the video below.

The Australians beat New Zealand 34-26 — yeah, they played a rugby match after that — at the Sydney Football Stadium. If Roger Goodell were president of this league, how many flags would have been thrown? Rugby Video: Maori Haka Vs. Aboriginal War Dance [Blood And Mud]