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Beware Of Ohio State's "Brutus" Lurking At Gas Stations And Thad Matta's Exclamation Points

This haunting image comes courtesy of a reader named Andrew who sent this in with the creepy message "As always," most likely moments before he was dragged from the car and disemboweled in the parking lot.

In other terrifying OSU news, students began receiving some overly-enthusiastic emails from OSU b-ball coach Thad Matta before the season encouraging them to come out and support the team. His excellence-pissing chain mail is sure to JACK YOU UP:

Dear Students,
It's ON! This is an awesome time of year as College Basketball officially begins. I am jacked up to see something I have begged for dating back to 2004 – giving YOU the best seats in the house! The Buckeye Nuthouse section has been moved to the perfect spot in the Schott to where you can be heard as well as seen (on TV)!


Our team, which is currently ranked #4 in the country, opens up this Friday night. I am asking you to come out in full force as we begin the journey together to make our opponents lives miserable! My goal for Friday night is for you to help us generate an electric, hostile, crazy environment that will continue throughout the year! It all starts Friday night at 7pm when we open the season against North Carolina A&T!!! I am counting on you to ignite the entire arena with enthusiasm – bring your "A" game!

Go Bucks,
Coach Thad Matta

So far Matta's "A" game of JACKED-ness has taken down North Carolina AT&T and dismantled Florida. It's most definitely ON!


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Have a good Friday night. Beware "Brutus."

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