I'll be honest: I had reservations about posting this phenomenal eBay listing of a black velvet painting of "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth in the style of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss, because I'd like to score it cheap for myself. But the creator of this masterpiece deserves to be compensated for its true value, and I'm sure one of you out there can bid this up to the price it deserves.

Created for a Seattle art exhibit consisting entirely of pro wrestler portraits on black velvet, Macho Kiss is the work of artist Jonathan Cooper, who utilized gold leaf and rhinestones in its execution. And how well-executed it is! (It's also a full square yard in size, so plan your frame accordingly.) As of this writing, there's two and a half days of bidding remaining on the eBay listing which is currently at the low-low price of $256.70. We sincerely hope a Deadspin reader buys this and sends us a photo of it in its final display location.