In case you thought the departure of Brian Billick would bring a new age of sterling character to the Baltimore Ravens, you are most definitely wrong. Among the more interesting second day picks came with two of the Baltimore Ravens' three 3rd round picks. With the 7th pick of the third round, they took Miami linebacker Tavares Gooden, whom you may recall for his membership in the acclaimed Seventh Floor Crew under the tag "Big Dick Bandit." It seems Ray Rice isn't the competition that fellow U alum Willis McGahee has to worry about.

Gooden joins McGahee, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed as a quartet of U players in Bodymore, Murderland.


Later in the round, Bawlmer picked up Notre Dame safety Tom Zbikowski, a known pugilist who could actually have something of a positive influence. Perhaps he could get the other wayward youths to train in Cutty's gym.