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Big Weekend For NASCAR Substances

It was an active weekend in the world of NASCAR. Well, it must have been, anyway, considering we're writing about it. And they involved coke and heroin!

First off, Jamie McMurray won the Pepsi 400 on Saturday night, barely edging out Kyle Busch. But the real victory came when he blatantly swigged a Coke after winning the Pepsi 400. We have no problem with this, because Coke is obviously a better beverage than Pepsi.


The real fun, though, came from NASCAR truck racer Aaron Fike, who was arrested in the parking lot of Cincinnati's Kings Island amusement park — we love that place, by the way; The Beast rules — for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. He was sitting in his SUV with his fiancee. We have no problem with this, because heroin is obviously a better substance than Coca-Cola.

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