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Bill Cowher was involved in a two-car, chain-reaction crash yesterday afternoon on Manhattan's Upper East side. One of the vehicles—not Cowher's—eventually slammed into scaffolding, cracking a pole and and bringing down construction debris. No one was injured.

The crash happened at the intersection of East 92nd Street and Park Avenue a little after 1 p.m. Cowher was in a black Mercedes; the other car, which careened into the scaffolding after the two cars collided, was a silver Ford Fusion driven by an unidentified woman.


Beyond that, reports as to exactly what happened seem to vary. DNA Info, citing witnesses, said Cowher was a passenger in the Mercedes as it was traveling behind the Fusion and "possibly rear-ended" it. But both the Post and the Daily News indicated Cowher was driving, with the Post saying Cowher's car struck the Fusion as the Fusion tried to hang a left onto East 92nd, and the Daily News saying both cars were heading north on Park when the Fusion cut Cowher off by trying to turn onto 92nd. The Daily News published a photo that showed damage to the Fusion's rear passenger-side door.

A witness told the Post it was "amazing" no one was hurt. Also amazing: that Cowher wasn't driving a red Camaro.

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