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Bill Plaschke's Unhealthy Manny Obsession

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Professional grumpypants Bill Plaschke really hates Manny Ramirez. In fact, the only thing he hates more than Manny is people who refuse to hate Manny as much as he does. Why can't they see what Bill Plaschke sees?

This whole situation is putting such a strain on Bill that there's concern he may be starting to crack. Four of his last five columns in the L.A. Times have been Manny-centric—the fifth was his predictable harrumphing about the Ron Artest signing—with the overarching theme being that Manny has not been punished enough for his crimes against baseball's humanity. Of course, all of these missives came after his brave Twitter stance that he was not going to be a party to this comeback charade.

I didn't go to albuquerque, and I won't go anywhere else he "rehabs.". He shouldn't be allowed to touch a bat for 50 games period


His very next Tweet?

Just got to lake elsinore for second stop in manny rehab tour. Its about 200 degrees. Poor manny. A teammate probably assigned to fan him

So I guess by "won't go" he really meant to say "will definitely be at." An honest mistake. His column from Lake Elsinore was about an epic quest to find even one Dodger fan who would buy ticket to a Class A game in 100+ degree heat simply to boo a dreadlocked cheater. To his eternal frustration, Plaschke's roll came up snake eyes.

Surely, somebody will hold him accountable for a 50-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy?

Surely somebody would let him know that, because he has yet to offer any true remorse or explanation since his May 7 suspension, somebody was going to publicly wonder why?

He had appeared in two games at triple-A Albuquerque, where he was showered with love, but folks down there rarely see a celebrity that didn't come out of a UFO, so they can be excused.

Dodgers fans are tougher, right?

Ramirez was going to be, um, needled, right?

This was my hope as I walked over to a dozen blue-jersey-wearing fans lining a white fence that led from the parking lot to the visitors' clubhouse....

OK, fine, I gave the people a pass because they had waited in subhuman heat to see their hero, maybe their heads were as mottled as Ramirez's testosterone levels ....

The mistake here is all mine, thinking that one of these thousands of Dodgers fans among the crowd of 8,099 would act a little, I don't know, angry?


No such luck for Plaschke, however. Manny's fans still like him. He signed autographs. He hit a home run! Yet, they refuse to boo. Manny cheated Bill Plaschke out of ... something. Why won't they make him pay for it? At least, Manny's next stop (an actual MLB game in San Diego) did provide Bill with a small moment of solace:

David eckstein, toiling in obscurity in sd, is my favorite world series mvp ever

Of course.

SoCal really lets Manny have it . . . with love [LA Times]
Bill Plaschke @ LAT (BillPlaschke) [Twitter]


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