Bill Simmons Goes On Twitter Rant, Calls Out ESPN And Mike Golic

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Mike Golic, co-host of ESPN radio show Mike & Mike took a bit of a shot at ESPN colleague Bill Simmons on this morning's episode. Simmons has since gotten wind of it, and he is pissed.

In the clip above, you can see Golic responding to something Simmons said about LeBron James on Colin Cowherd's radio show yesterday. It's a big orgy of ESPN people talking about things ESPN people said on ESPN programming. Simmons basically said that James's early season struggles might be evidence of a permanent decline in skill. Golic brushed off those thoughts as "ridiculous," and then took an extra dig by calling Simmons a guy who likes to grab headlines.


And now, Simmons is responding like a man who had an extra mimosa with brunch:


Hey, Bill, our job offer still stands.

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