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Bill Simmons Puts On His Defeatist Hat

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Oftentimes, Boston sports fans cringe when people uphold former Boston Sports Guy and current L.A. resident Bill Simmons' ramblings as a representative of their thoughts as a whole. And that's even when he thinks Boston teams are doing well. Some of them are taking added umbrage with Simmons' most recent column, which argued the Celtics don't have much of a shot at beating the Lakers in the NBA Finals, which is set to begin sometime next year, I think. [Channeling Simmons] Of course they can't do it! They're not the '86 Celtics! Too many daaahkies! They don't have Welkaaah!

Nobody is beating the Lakers this season. Not Boston, not Detroit, not anybody. They have the best team, the best player and a Hall of Fame coach. It's really that simple...

The Lakers are in the driver's seat right now. And when the L.A. fans chanted "We want Boston! We want Boston!" at the tail end of Game 5, normally the moment would have sent chills down my spine. This time around, it just sent chills. We might be headed for another Celtics-Lakers Finals, but I don't think I'm going to enjoy the result all that much.

Perhaps Simmons is trying to counteract all the rampant jinxing mojo he foisted upon the Patriots earlier this year, what with his weeks of assurances that they would win it all in blowout fashion. CelticsBlog, for one, isn't seeing it that way.

Yesterday you became a giant turd in the punchbowl. A buzzkill of tremendous proportions. On the same day that the Celtics return to the finals for the first time in years, you declare that the Lakers are a lock to win it all. Seriously? What? The Lakers? My god man. For your reference, comparing the stadium entertainment between LA and Boston is not an appropriate way to compare basketball teams. But this "article" follows similar negative drivel, bashing one dimension of KG's game while ignoring everything else he does. Or your repeated criticism of Doc, which is fair in some respects, but also neglects to credit everything Doc does bring to the table.


But what happens when Bill shows up rocking his Clippers gear?

[Pic of Kendra Wilkinson from on 205th]

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