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We have to say, when we saw the headline to the new Bill Simmons column, titled "This Is Who I Am ...," we got very excited. Who is Bill, exactly? Was it going to be a Scoop Jackson-esque Crash Davis rant, with stuff like, "I believe Tom Brady posters should be on the ceilings of every unmarried male?" Was it a Christine Kahrl-type complete conversion? What would it be? Who is he?

None of these answers came, we're afraid. Instead, the column is another tired Simmons riff on the WNBA, and how it's boring, and how it only exists because of its ties to the NBA. This is news to no one, of course, but Simmons falls all over himself trying to come across as measured, fair and totally balanced. While writing a whole column about the WNBA. And stating facts that everybody knows a thousand times over. But hey: It's not an obsession with him. Nope.

This Is Who I Am ... [Sports Guy's World]