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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bill Simmons's New NBA Podcast Has The Same Theme Music As The Starters

Bill Simmons launched a new podcast this week called Bill Don't Lie (groan). It's the latest place to find Simmons giving endless dissertations of his basketball theories, and there's something a little off about it. As first noticed by a user on NBA Reddit, the intro music to the new podcast is the exact same music that is used by The Starters, a popular show on NBA TV that was born out of what is perhaps the most famous and well-regarded basketball podcast in history.


See for yourself! Here's the latest episode of Bill Don't Lie, and here's the opening to a typical episode of The Starters.

So what the hell is Simmons (or more likely, his producer) doing here? It's possible that he wasn't trying to purposefully steal The Starters' music, but was just looking for a royalty-free theme song didn't realize this one was already taken. The Starters' Trey Kerby jumped into the Reddit thread to say as much:

Illustration for article titled Bill Simmonss New NBA Podcast Has The Same Theme Music As iThe Starters/i

This isn't the biggest deal in the world, but it is funny that Simmons, a hoops fanatic who works in media, would roll out an NBA podcast without realizing that it had the exact same theme song as the single most popular NBA podcast.

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