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We'd be remiss if we didn't point out the ESPN Sportsnation chat with Bill Walton, in which everyone's favorite Acid Fried Analyst responds to your innocent five-word questions with three paragraphs of unadulturated Capitalized madness.

The chat itself is behind the furry Roman wall of ESPN Insider, but here are some highlight Walton tidbits of THC.

• "My lovely typer and I are sitting in the conference room in the building of and never have i felt more comfortable, never have i felt more relaxed. I walked in the room to find a gigantic gong and I feel more at home right now than ever."
• "I watched the entire array of games last night on the tens of TVs in the warroom. I realized i have to get home and re-do my home entertainment system at Club Red."
• "We have been overwhelmed here at with the interest in Ron Artest. The gammut of emotions scan the entire spectrum from 'We gotta have this guy' to 'Theres no way I would buy a ticket to see this guy,' to 'Larry Bird is reallly a hick from french lick for wanting to get rid of this incredible guy.'
• "Some of the Knicks recent victories have been accomplished against the sisters of mercy and aided by the kindness excuse me BLINDNESS of the referees. Please check out my new site"

So much to work with here, but we'll just start with this perfectly legitimate question: The gong. Is there really a gong in the chat room? (A gigantic gong, at that.) Did Walton imagine it? Or is Fred Smoot sitting right next to him, and Walton just mistyped?

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