Bills Fans Come Together, Love One Another (While Keeping Their Clothes On)

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Deadspin has published enough footage of Bills fans behaving badly to fill a DVD that would otherwise feature the team’s underwhelming season highlights, and occasionally, other Bills fans grouse about it. Not every Bills fan blacks out and jumps through a shitty table, they say. Some of us are normal. This is true. Bills Nation is large; it contains multitudes.

It’s in no one’s interest to publish or read a story headlined “Bills Fan Doesn’t Jump Through Table,” however. In an effort to meet these critics halfway, accept this video of Bills fans singing Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There” at a tailgate. Watch as a cluster of fans carries two of their comrades, who are not thrown through a flimsy table, or any other object. Instead, they are gently delivered to the bed of a pickup truck, where they can sway and dance with their pals in a loud but peaceful environment.


From the same day, here’s a video of a woman in a Captain America suit crushing six beers to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme:


H/t to Buffalo Sports