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Bills Fans Engage In A Casual, Friendly Slap Fight

Bills fans are fascinating because their behavior at games and tailgates surpasses that of the normal NFL fan. This video, sent in by a reader, is the perfect example of that.

As “Twist and Shout” plays, these two Bills fans, possibly fueled by their team’s 2-1 start or alcohol, start a slap fight. The guy who looks like bizarro Bryce Harper and the guy who looks like bizarro Fireman Ed both land some good hits. The combatants are reminded to watch the grill. Eventually, they reach a truce, because there are cops nearby, and this slap fight was born out of friendly competition, not hate. In the context of Bills fans, this entire scene could be described as “blissful.”


The face of the woman in the background is a wonderful detail. Is it bemusement, or resignation?

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