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Bills Fans Remain A Glorious Mess

The Bills were back at home this week, which means Western New York’s finest flocked to Ralph Wilson Stadium’s parking lots, their natural habitat. Bask in the magnificence of these Bills fans, the Free Folk of the NFL.

Via Matt, here’s a man covered in ketchup, mustard, and who knows what else:


Update (10:36 a.m.): Bills fans are mad that I didn’t know about the longstanding tradition of covering a man in ketchup and mustard. Sorry, Bills fans, you fucking maniacs.

Chad says this is video of a Bills fan falling into a creek on the way to the game:

From Kyle, this Bills fan smashes a beer can against his head, and drinks what’s left:

From Nate, here’s a shirtless Bills fan:


This Bills fan had his whole butt out:


Let’s end on a tranquil note, with this fan found by Dave. His brief explanation:

Checked into my hotel in downtown buffalo, got to my room, and an hour later I heard a bunch of noise in the hallway. I go outside to find this guy....


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