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Bills' Fullback Arrested on Charge of Exposing Sexual Organs

Urgent bulletin! New York City's public masturbation epidemic is spreading Northwards across the state!


Or at least to those who reside there during football season. Buffalo's Corey McIntyre was arrested this past Thursday for allegedly masturbating outside of a 59-year-old woman's home in Port St. Lucie, Florida earlier this year. Athletes - they're just like us!

The full details of the alleged incident are available in the police report, but the gist of it appears to be that back on March 20th, the alleged victim was sitting at her computer when she heard a knock at her rear window. Curious, she went to the window, where she was surprised to find a man masturbating. An officer spotted McIntyre riding his bike in the area, and the woman subsequently i.d.'d him. The police finally got around to arresting him this week.

The alleged incident occurred at 8:30 in the morning.

McIntyre's agent, Brett Tessler, is denying the incident took place, claiming that "Corey McIntyre is one of the highest character people around and the last guy who would do what he is being accused of."


Regardless of how this one sorts itself out, between this and the Marshawn Lynch suspension (which he's now appealing), it's certainly been an eventful off-season for the Bills' backfield. If you're Dick Jauron, I'm betting the stabilizing veteran leadership of one Mr. Terrell Owens can't get there quick enough.

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