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Billy Gillispie Isn't Done With Kentucky Either

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As if Kentucky didn't have enough to deal with from their current coach, the guy they fired to get him, Billy Gillispie, is now suing the athletic department for the $6 million he says they owe him on the contract that he never actually signed. Legal mumbo jumbo awaits....

The crux of the matter is this: Kentucky hired lover/fighter Gillispie away from Texas A&M two years ago (at the "pinnacle of a meteoric rise"), under the agreement that he would sign a seven-year contract. If he was fired "without cause" during the life of that contract, he would get $1.5 million a year for at least four more years. Except he never actually signed a formal employment contract, despite working there for two full seasons, so Kentucky says they don't owe him jack.

However, Gillispie did sign a "Memorandum of Understanding" which laid out that basic outline of his employment—years, dollars, incentives, and such—and he claims that the MOU is as good as a contract and that Kentucky treated is as such, since everyone was dragging their feet on the real contract. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know if a two-page letter is binding, but his argument does sort of make sense. On the other hand, sign the damn contract already.


Lawsuit highlights below (click to embiggen) or you can read the whole thing here (opens in PDF)

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