Billy Gillispie Only Likes Good Questions

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We missed this halftime interview between Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie and ESPN's Jeannine Edwards last night, but the message is still clear—if you're going to talk to Billy Gillispie, you better do your homework.

Edwards had the temerity to suggest that Kentucky might be concerned that the team's leading scorer had only six points at halftime. That was just stupid and Gillispie told her so, saying that Kentucky is not a one-man show and Edwards had asked a "bad question."

You see, just because Jodie Meeks is one of only two players on the squad averaging double-digits that doesn't mean the Wildcats need him to score points or anything. I mean, he added 15 in the second half—even though Ole Miss held him to just four field goals for the entire game and he missed his average by four points—and Kentucky still lost! So clearly he's not the most important player on the team, you dummy.


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