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First of all, it's Mexican, and it's pronounced "beem-bo." Does that make it any less funny? No? Okay, but an espnW post questioning whether it's sexist is maybe taking things too far.

When the Philadelphia Union reached a deal to plaster the bakery's logo across the front of its jerseys, the talk should have been about how it's good news they'll be receiving $3 million a year over the next four years, which, incidentally, is more than the Union's payroll last season.


But, no, the word is bimbo, and that's an American word for something else entirely, so everyone had their fun on Twitter and the like. Then in swooped espnW, which seems to still be figuring out its identity. Amanda Rykoff, who's better than this, threw up a few paragraphs under the title "Is the Union's new sponsorship sexist?" No, no it's not. At least Rykoff doesn't make that claim, but just oddly restates the question.

I don't know. Maybe espnW needed a soccer angle. But they're not going to get a pass on asinine stuff like this, even if regular ESPN has a million more asinine things, because the ladyblog is under scrutiny. Crying foul over perceived sexism that's a huge reach is not the way to put your brand out there.

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