Your morning roundup for April 6, the day Netflix struck an exclusive streaming deal with the Derek Jeter of TV.

• Texas A&M defeated Notre Dame, 76-70, to win its first ever women's national championship. The game, predictably, was much more exciting—and closer—than the men's game. Danielle Adams had 22 for A&M in the second half, which, yes, means she had more points than Butler did in its second half yesterday. Danielle Adams would have kicked Matt Howard's ass down low.

• Meanwhile, the inveterate masturbators of women's basketball had something to cheer, as Notre Dame's it girl, Skylar Diggins, had 23 points and four steals in the loss. She's also up to over 60,000 Twitter followers, most of whom will hang around until they realize they are devoting precious internet resources to a female basketball player who is not Maya Moore.

• In men's college basketball, UConn returned home to a heroes' welcome. Unfortunately, they soon realized home was in Storrs, Connecticut. Not quite returning to Ithaca, or, for that matter, Ithaca, NY.


• UConn also received 30 out of 31 first-place votes in the year-end coaches' poll. Mike Adras, coach of the 19-12 Northern Arizona Lumberjacks, figured he might as well put UConn third, after Ohio State, and Kansas. Troll.

• Chris Young—the pitcher—had two hits against Cole Hamels in the Mets' six-run third, and the Mets gave the Phillies their first loss, 7-1. Two can play at the 3-1 game! They're tied atop the NL East.

• Meanwhile, the Red Sox lost again, this time to the Indians, dropping them to 0-4. ESPN helpfully notes that no team has ever come back from an 0-4 start to win a World Series. But remembah fackin' oh-fowwah, some guy retorts. Whatever. It's fun to have some guy named Josh Tomlin out-pitch Josh Beckett, even if only 9,025 people are there to see it.


• The Red Sox's warm-weather outpost, the Tampa Bay Rays, also fell to 0-4, their defeat at Jered Weaver and the Angels' hands. Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez are a combined 2 for 27 with one walk so far. Bostonians have no idea how to complain. New Angels closer Jordan Walden pitched a scoreless ninth in his debut.

• Cubs! Diamondbacks! Cashner! Enright! They only sound like your dad's dental practice! Cubs win, 6-5, but Cashner left with an injury. Boy, with pitchers like these, it's a wonder the Cubs can't get anyone out to Wrigley. Monday's game had the lowest attendance of any game since 2002. Said Alfonso Soriano, "I think when it (starts) getting warm, people will come to the game." And yet Alfonso Soriano hasn't come to a game in years, so...?

• Royals over White Sox, 7-6 in 12. Don't look now, but the Royals are 4-1, and even better, Alex Gordon, doubles machine, is starting to hit like Alex Gordon, doubles machine. Melky Cabrera delivered a game-winning single to win in the Royals' fourth straight walk-off.


• The Habs beat the Blackhawks, 2-1, in overtime, clinching a playoff spot for Montreal and leaving Chicago tied with Anaheim for the seventh seed in the West with three games to play. Calgary and Dallas are two points behind. PK Subban scored the game-winner, which will excite you unless you are Don Cherry or if you don't know who PK Subban is. Troy Brouwer misfired on this hit, and left the game with an injury. Oof. (h/t Disco Choo)

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