Blake Griffin Decked Equipment Manager Over Teasing Gone Wrong

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The NBA is investigating the incident the Jan. 23 incident in which Clippers forward Blake Griffin punched assistant equipment manager Matias Testi, breaking his own hand. And as part of that investigation, they’re speaking to the other two men who were at the dinner table, C DeAndre Jordan and assistant athletic trainer Joe Resendez.

Jordan wouldn’t go into details about what happened or what he told NBA security, but he said it’s all very weird.

“It’s a tough situation,” Jordan said. “Two guys that I’m super close with and it’s sticky, man. It’s tough.”


A Los Angeles Times report is shedding a little more light on the confrontation, citing a source that says it began with “routine” good-natured teasing that got out of hand. The Times said things got heated both inside the restaurant and out front, and that Griffin punched Testi “multiple times,” jibing with earlier reports that Griffin pursued Testi outside to hit him again.

Testi was left with a severely swollen face and Griffin with a broken right hand, which is expected to keep him out for at least a month. Police officers did arrive and speak to both men, but Testi played it off and no report was taken.


One question, at least among curious Torontonians, is where this all went down. TMZ reported yesterday that it happened at an Italian restaurant in the city’s Annex neighborhood, but reports from the Times and ESPN place it in the Entertainment District, near the Air Canada Centre and where visiting sports teams usually stay. One rumor going around has it at Jack Astor’s (think TGI Friday’s), but the restaurant hopped on Twitter to deny it.

NBA officials are expected to interview both Griffin and Testi soon. Doc Rivers said yesterday that both men will be welcomed back to the team.