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Blake Griffin Is A Clipper

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1. Los Angeles Clippers: Blake Griffin, Oklahoma. Okay, so the pick hasn't been announced yet, but it's not exactly a secret.


Now that the obvious pick is out of the way we can get to the interesting stuff. Where will Ricky Rubio land? Will Amar'e be traded? Who will be the last man sitting in the green room? How many euphemisms for "long" can the ESPN analysts craft between them? When will Stuart Scott make me regret doing this? How many times will Jay Bilas deride Rubio and Brandon Jennings? As for my guesses: Sacramento, Yes, Beaker, eleventy, 10 minutes ago, and way too many.


Please follow along throughout the night as I guide you through the majestic evening that is the NBA Draft. Before we move forward here are a few things you should know about me and the biases I bring to the table...

• I am an unabashed fan of the Washington Wizards, and a regular attendee at the Verizon Center as AJ thoughtfully displayed below. I really wanted them to draft Tyreke Evans, but I'm cool with the trade. Speaking of Les Boulez, the Wizznutzz are live-tweeting from the Mothering Hut, so go ahead and follow them.
• I attended the University of Pittsburgh and I'm rather passionate about their basketball program.
• I think Hasheem Thabeet is a pussy (see above).
• I also attended the University of Arizona (sort of) and I remain adamant that Salim Stoudamire is not only the best shooter on the planet, but a damn fine neighbor to boot. That being said, you won't hear me hyping up Chase Budinger at any point this evening.

I'll be live posting through the first 10 selections before we transition into a more traditional live blog format until I pass out.

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