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Bleacher Report Deletes Tweet Containing God-Awful USWNT Graphic

Whenever an American team is in the championship of an international tournament of any kind, the ensuing victory or defeat can become a vital content farm for sports publications everywhere—present company included. With this in mind, Bleacher Report decided to tweet out this horrendous graphic that celebrated the USWNT’s Women’s World Cup victory along with a plethora of individuals that range from semi-related to the team, to almost downright disrespectful to the existence of women.

Here’s what it looks like in its entirety:


Immediately, people began to question the existence of such a cringe-worthy monstrosity of graphic art, and the tweet was deleted within the hour—not before we were able to save it for posterity’s sake, of course.

Let’s start with the simple issues: there were 23 players on the USWNT roster that went to France for this tournament, and only 15 of them are present in the graphic—never mind that coach Jill Ellis is missing. Outside of the players, there are 28 men and 22 women, so there’s clearly room to fix those numbers and include those missing players by getting rid of some of the extraneous individuals that seemingly have nothing to do with the team.

From there, nothing but questions remain about this. Why are the casts of Modern Family, Friends and Stranger Things on here? Isn’t Matthew Perry Canadian? Why is Brad Pitt one row closer to the USWNT than Christian Pulisic, a current player for the USMNT, is? Hell, why is Zac Efron in front of Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey? What is it about J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar that warrants the both of them being on here over other rappers? Why are there three fictional characters here? Why can’t the athletes who have played for the US in some capacity be in those uniforms? WHY IS KOBE BRYANT ON HERE AT ALL?

What, and I cannot stress this enough, the fuck?

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