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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Bleacher Report Poaches Howard Beck From The Times

Well, then. Six weeks after Bleacher Report poached Mike Freeman, Turner's flagship sports site has gone and hired New York Times basketball reporter Howard Beck.


This is a thing. This is a big thing. The Times, as an institution, has had some issues with talent retention over the last couple of years, but this isn't about that. This, to some small but significant extent, is about a new direction for Bleacher Report. Beck is really good. He's also honest. Six years ago, when the Dolans were beating Knicks reporters into a bloody pulp, Beck came out and said, "I'll admit the beat makes me miserable." (Let's hope he's this honest when we ask him in six months what he really thinks about Bleacher Report.) And I guess it's safe to assume that "strict policy" against B/R writers breaking news is becoming a thing of the past.


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