Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• Wait, seriously ... since when did we start caring so much about baseball general managers? [Baseball Musings]
• One of the things we love about Weblogs Inc. head honcho is his slavish devotion to all things Knicks. Here's his very entertaining live blog of last night's Knicks opener. []
• What the new ESPN World Cup contract means to America, and black people. [Black Athlete]
• On the Mavs, on the Suns, on all kinds of goodness. [Courtside Times]
• How odd: A free agent would like to talk about playing for a New York team. [Amazin' Avenue]
• Kurt Warner is the new Buzzsaw starting quarterback. We're aware we're the only people who care about this, and you know what, that's fine with us. [Buzzsaw Bumbershoot]
• We still think it's cool that Dwyane Wade talks to bloggers. [Sports Bloggers Live]


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