Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• If you dare, check out these truly horrifying photos of hazing in collegiate lacrosse. Honestly, though: We totally warned you here. [Bad Jocks]
• Here's the situation: You refuse a trade to a certain team. Your team then waives you in response. That certain team then just picks you up. Now what, smart guy? [Puck Update]
• It doesn't matter how many times Mike Bloomberg gives you a backrub, if you don't pay Billy Wagner, he ain't comin' to New York. [Amazin' Avenue]
• Watch, as the new Red Sox guys start tearing down whatever Theo Epstein built. [Baseball Musings]
• No wenches on the benches, yo. [The Mighty MJD]
• Will our team get Kevin Garnett? Will we? Will we please? [The Sports Frog]
• Things to do in Green Bay when the Packers are dead. [Robert LaLasz]


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