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Blogdome: Marbury's Extra Protection

• OK, remind us again why Stephon Marbury has so much better security than, oh, every other person on the planet? That's right: That cash he's "earning" for the Knicks every night. [The Airing Of Grievances]
• Is Jerry Falwell the new George Steinbrenner? [Flak]
• We've been members of the Luther Head Fanclub for a long time ourselves, though for entirely different reasons. [YAYSports!]
• If Scoop Jackson were actually this unintentionally hilarious, we'd read him all the time. [Hard Wood]
• Free Darko: The official T-shirt. [Free Darko]
• This list of rules, it's pretty much all you need. [Premature Jockularity]


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