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• On Wednesday, Louisville forward Chad Millard has part of his jaw crushed, three teeth knocked out, and needed dental surgery. And he's in the line-up today. I can't relate. [Pitt Panther Hoops]

• With Jake Plummer's triumph last night, the "Year of the 'Stache" continues. Hey, I think Tom Selleck is missing something. [flickr]

• What happens when Deron Williams and Gilbert Arenas slowdance? Well, for one thing, I laugh my ass off. [J.E. Skeets]


• LSU and USC fans express themselves through billboards. [The Wizard of Odds]

• "Everybody talks about Shaun Alexander like he s Superman. But I don t know. The MVP came out there today and when the Riddles got to poppin , he went to the sideline to get an extra week or whatever." These, and more NFL Playoff quotes. [Sports Frog]

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