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What they're saying on the Texas and USC blogs, the morning after ...
Burnt Orange Nation. "We're Number One! I embraced total strangers tonight the way I do my own family, and I came very close to crying tears of joy."
IndieWIRE SXSW. "Horns Win! The city of Austin is alive tonight."
Longhorns Illustrated. Nothing yet. Last post a photo of Matthew McConaughey throwing a football.
Trojan Wire. "Hats off to the Longhorns and the Trojans. Texas came in and played a great game, and should enjoy their victory celebration. Not much I can say about it in great detail at this point...."
Student Body Right. No post-game activity. Last post detailed predictions by Jim Rome, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, who all picked USC.
Boi From Troy. No post-game activity. Last post: "Shortly, I will be hopping in the car over to Brentwood to take the West LA Trojan Club bus to Pasadena."