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• If there's a way to rectify a wrong by screwing over a student-athlete, rest assured that the NCAA will find it. [The Sports Frog]
• Some excuses Rafael Palmeiro didn't come up with. [Zulkey]
• It's bad enough that the Mets have collapsed. But do fans have to watch Jose Offerman too? Come on, that's just mean. [Faith and Fear in Flushing]
• Cal Ripken kicks back and kicks it with some sports bloggers. [Mr. Irrelevant]
• Good Lord, what has happened to Joe Gibbs? [Off Wing Opinion]
• How can people honestly live in Detroit? Wouldn't they rather move to someplace civilized, like ... oh, we can't even say that. [The Writers]
• St. Louis Cardinals can clinch division title this afternoon. Deadspin has its Boone's Farm and is ready to pop some corks. [Viva El Birdos]


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